Mundo Maya brings to you beautiful handcrafts created by indigenous artisans of Latin America. All of our products are hand-made using traditional weaving and beading techniques, and are acquired through ethically-traded practices. By supporting us, you are supporting Latin communities and their potential to flourish artistically and economically.
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Peruvian Embroidered Cardigan 8yrs

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This adorable Peruvian Embroidered Cardigan with zip will keep growing kids oh so cosy! This cardigan is knitted and hand-embroidered in Peru, and sourced direct from the artisan family. Stretchy for flexible sizing and durable wear. We usually do not stock this larger size and have a handful of this one colour in stock, so please choose quickly!

Suitable for 7.5-9yrs. One colour only, get your beautiful cardigan while stocks last!

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