About us

Mundo Maya brings to you authentic handcrafts from Latin America.  Our products are Ethically traded & Made by Indigenous Artisans.   By supporting us, you are supporting many  communities & their potential to flourish artistically & economically.

Established in 2004 in Guatemala, Central America, Mundo Maya is the realization of a dream inspired by lengthy travels throughout this magical part of the world. Over the years, we have expanded our realm of ethically traded handcrafts to include South American pieces from Ecuador and Peru.  Cultivating relationships with artisans and sourcing products ethically takes time and patience.  We are proud to offer a wide range of handcrafts, from better known traditional items such as worry dolls and finger puppets, to one of a kind pieces like our amazing cushion covers, hand embroidered and made from traditional Mayan garmentsLocally, we strive to help increase our sense of global unity in Australia and to   add splashes of colour, culture and charm to our already cosmopolitan society. Globally, we provide an opportunity for the skilled craftspeople of Latin America to have their works of art exhibited and appreciated by their pacific neighbour. We are proud to be an ‘ethical trade’ business and deal with many individual families and artisan groups. Furthermore, we support sustainable development projects in remote indigenous villages through personal donations, fund raising and awareness.


Enjoy your time in our Mayan (and pre Colombian!) World…

Belinda Recinella & Simon Basile (Owners)