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Hand-woven Cushion Covers

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Need a splash of colour in your home? These one-of-a-kind hand-woven cushion covers from Guatemala are also hand-embroidered using traditional Huipiles (Mayan pre-worn blouses). Huipil designs represent their Mayan town of origin. One full Huipil can produce only one or two cushions, so each single or set is very special and unique.

100% cotton. Inserts used in photos are 50cm square for a firm fill. 45cm is also fine for a flatter look.

Why is this product so special? We source our cushions from artisans who in turn source only the best quality huipiles in local markets. The prior wearer benefits from the sale of their garment. The artisan family in turn gain sfrom our purchase of their cushions. We currently buy our cushion covers from 4 artisan families and often visit the Huipil markets with them whilst in Guatemala to choose what we think are the most beautiful pieces. This is cottage industry and authenticity at its best! We do not order these from afar, only in person when in Guatemala. As each piece or set of cushion covers comes from one
Huipil, there is only ONE or TWO available of each design, never to be repeated! If you see it and love it, please decide quickly to avoid disappointment. First in first served for each design. Each hand-woven cushion cover is its own little masterpiece.

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